Why is my pump running hot and powering off?

Why is my pump running hot and powering off?

Thismay be caused by insufficient power due to an undersized wire or a poorconnection. The pump must be wired according to the wiring diagram locatedon the motor label. Consult a professional electrician.

Yourlocal power company might be experiencing a power drop especially during a heatwave. Restart your pump when the weather cools to confirm that the problem isreally in the motor.

Yourpump may have a thermal overload, which will shut the motor off when it getstoo hot. It will restart once it has cooled down. Check the air intake vents ofyour motor to ensure they are free of debris. If debris is blocking thesevents, it will cause the motor to run hot and possibly shut down.

Makesure your pump is located in an area with adequate drainage. Flooding from rainand other sources could cause a pump to run hot and cut off.

Backpressure will cause the pump to overheat & shut down. Make sure there isproper water flow, by checking the valves, jets, filter, etc.