Normal questions
Shower Room


I press on the air push button but the system does not turn on or off.

With an air push button the solutions arequite simple most of the time. 1. If the button is hard to press or comesback too slowly to its initial position, there may be too much air accumulatedwithin the hose. - To correct the problem, locate thetransparent hose and with a thin pin, poke one or two holes through it to letthe air out. (This will not harm your system in any way).- Verify that the hose is not kinked orbent preventing the air from flowing easily. 2. If the button is easy to manipulate,unplug the transparent hose from under the button and gently blow into it. - If the blower starts, the problem is inthe air push button. - If the blower does not start, the problemis in the blower.In both cases, contact your distributor forthe procedure to have the defective part replaced. Please inform them of yourtesting results.  

The air coming out of the jets is cold.

Toverify that the air-heating element is functioning normally, turn on yoursystem and let it run. After approximately 5 minutes, touch the air hose thatis connected to your blower. It should feel hot. 1. Ifthe hose does not feel hot, contact your distributor who will guide you throughthe procedure to get your blower changed. 2. Ifthe air hose feels hot, the blower is not defective. The cool sensation issomething that happens from time to time. This is mainly caused by the theorythat air blown onto wet skin will seem cool. As an example, the air coming outof a hand dryer in a public rest room will seem cool to the hands as long asthey are wet. Unfortunately some people are more sensitive to this effect thanothers. The solution is to change positions in the bathtub and the sensationwill diminish.  

What do I do if water backs up into the blower or no air comes out of the jets?

Checkthe HP of the motor for GPM. Determine how many jets are in the spa. You shouldhave 10-12 GPM per jet.Checkretainer ring for the following:1.     Retainer ring does nothave Teflon tape around thread or not enough.2.     Retainer ring is notthreaded in all the way. You may need to extend length with 1″ coupler.3.     Retainer ring and 1″ pipeis not glued in all the way so that it is flush with the wall.4.     If you have a monster jetyou must have the proper nozzle in jet.