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Why won’t my pump fill with water(prime)?

  Therecould be an air leak on the suction side of the pump.Checkto make sure the suction line is free of obstructions.Checkto make sure the impeller is still attached to the shaft of the motor. If theimpeller has broken off, it will need to be replaced.If thepump is installed at a distance from the pool or is elevated above the normaldeck level, the time needed to prime the pump could be longer. For elevatedinstallations, a check valve may be needed on the suction line to allow foreasier priming.  

Why is my pump cutting off and on every 5-10 seconds?

Waterway pumps/motors are factory wired for 240 volts ONLY,unless the motor is 120 volts. Check the voltage of the incoming supply powerand ensure the motor is wired or can be wired for this voltage (data plate onmotor will help provide voltage and wiring information). Also check for looseor badly connected wires. Contacta certified electrician for repair.  

Why is my pump noisy?

Themotor has an internal cooling fan that can be heard. When installing your pump,it is advised to carefully consider the location; under a bedroom window maynot be an ideal location.Vibrationfrom the pump’s feet and the base (where the pump rests) can cause the pump tobe noisy. A piece of old carpet or rubber between the pump’s base and equipmentpad might reduce the noise.Ensurethe pump is level and the suction lines are not higher then the pump.Thebearing(s) might be noisy due to age or high concentrations of chemicals andheat. A leaky pump seal could damage the front motor bearing. It is veryimportant to quickly repair any leaks around the pump to prevent extensivedamage. It is recommended that you replace the bearings or the entire motor.Contact an Authorized Pool/Spa Professional orDealer for repair.Manytimes a noisy pump can come from cavitations (starving the pump). Cavitationshave two possible causes, which are both hydraulically (water flow) related.The first is that the suction piping is undersized. If this pipe is undersized,the amount of water the pump requires to operate properly is reduced.Increasing the pipe size (increase water flow) or dropping the size of theimpeller (decrease water flow) can quiet the pump. The second is that there islittle or no backpressure on the pressure side of system (water feature pumpsare a good example). Adding a valve or something to increase backpressure isadvised.For all of the above, it may be necessary to contact anauthorized pool/spa professional or dealer for assistance.  

Why is my pump running hot and powering off?

Thismay be caused by insufficient power due to an undersized wire or a poorconnection. The pump must be wired according to the wiring diagram locatedon the motor label. Consult a professional electrician. Yourlocal power company might be experiencing a power drop especially during a heatwave. Restart your pump when the weather cools to confirm that the problem isreally in the motor.Yourpump may have a thermal overload, which will shut the motor off when it getstoo hot. It will restart once it has cooled down. Check the air intake vents ofyour motor to ensure they are free of debris. If debris is blocking thesevents, it will cause the motor to run hot and possibly shut down.Makesure your pump is located in an area with adequate drainage. Flooding from rainand other sources could cause a pump to run hot and cut off.Backpressure will cause the pump to overheat & shut down. Make sure there isproper water flow, by checking the valves, jets, filter, etc.  

Why won’t my pump power on?

It isvery important that your pump is located in an area that has adequate drainageto prevent floodingfrom rain and other water sources. Check to make sure thepump did not fail because of water damage. Check the power (a volt meter isneeded to check voltage), breakers, switches, etc., to ensure your pump iselectrically powered. Determining the voltage is very important.Thepump must be wired according to the wiring diagram located on the motorlabel. Consult a professionalelectrician.If youhave a timer or automated control system, ensure that it is properlyworking. Waterway recommends thatyou contact a certified electrician for any electrical repairs.  

Can I run my pump without water?

  Waterway pumps should never operate without water. The pump sealassembly in the pump volute (area between the strainer basket and the pumpmotor) protects the pump motor from pool water. This seal assembly gets hot andis cooled by the pool water. If the pump is running without water, the sealwill overheat and melt, if left running without water for a long period oftime, the heat generated could damage the PVC pipe and other system components. 

Can I replace my motor with a lower horsepower motor?

    Horsepower is matched with the impeller inside the pump.Havinga larger impeller on a smaller horsepower motor will cause premature failure ofthe motor. It is better to replace it with the same horsepower. You can onlydownsize the impeller in horsepower rating.  

Why can’t I replace the lid when there is water in the basket?

  Thiscould be because the pump is a “flooded suction” and the water from the pool isdraining into the strainer basket, making lid replacement very difficult.Verify that the pump is off. The hose from the skimmer to the pump can have avalve installed to shut off the water or plug the skimmer until you can get thelid back on.With a flooded suction there should ideally be a valve at theskimmer and one at the return port. This enables you to isolate the plumbingsystem and work on it without water draining from the pool.Withvalves on the system, you must remember to open them when work is completed, sothe pump motor does not burn out from lack of water.