International sanitary bathroom market fluctuations China still favorable position

International sanitary bathroom market fluctuations China still favorable position


In recent years, China's position in the international market and improve sanitary ware, bathroom products has gradually become the world's production and consumption country, has gradually highlights the international competitiveness of Chinese bathroom, at the same time, increase the amount of China's foreign trade also contributed to its emerging bathroom hardware market to occupy a favorable position.

On behalf of the South American market: Brazil

Despite the abundant resources in South America, but its processing industry and the paint is not mature electromechanical industry, especially in Brazil-based. Currently, Brazil is actively planning to accelerate themplementation of the economic backwardness of the infrastructure and the upcoming new houses and public facilities, gave bathroom hardware development has brought a good opportunity.

Meanwhile, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games are held in Brazil, which also represent this market demand in Brazil in the coming years lush, meanwhile, is growing rapidly as Argentina, Peru and other neighboring countries, therefore, America is a big cake bathroom hardware development.

Middle East on behalf of: United Arab Emirates

In contrast, the Middle East market is relatively weak trade barriers and constantly weakening, such as reconstruction, the proliferation of free trade and the economic development process in Iraq, a change in the Middle East economies gave sanitary development has brought opportunities to China in the Middle East market fewer barriers to trade, and is gradually maturing. In addition, the UAE real estate industry is experiencing unprecedented prosperity, senior housing, hotel construction has brought strong demand for high-class bathroom hardware products.

And in the Middle East as China's largest export country, the UAE is also good situation gradually push Chinese bathroom hardware exports.

Southeast Asia Representative: Vietnam

Southeast Asia due to restrictions on location and development time, the extent of, among other factors, that it does not have the conditions for a good production of ceramic bathroom hardware, the number of bathroom hardware business is not much. In the development process of rapid economic growth, the development of Vietnam's construction industry is also very fast, has brought a lot of bathroom hardware product demand.

African market

In the middle of the world's five largest economy, Africa is relatively poorer but the most stable. Although Africa is lagging behind industry, but its variety and wealth of resources, therefore, the price is relatively cheap hardware sanitary products in China has a relatively broad market here.