What kind of shower Most Popular

What kind of shower Most Popular


Bathroom shower brand, style and more, just from the surface material is not easy to tell, how to distinguish the bathroom shower most practical?

Generally shower water way:

General formula: that the basic necessities of shower bath water, through the plurality of water holes, the formation of many out of the water, creating the effect of a large area of rain like the water from a different angle, and thus enjoy a hearty bath. Suitable for simple and quick shower.

Massage type: Showers runner cavity by a small amount of water together, then sprayed out at predetermined intervals to form a water massage. Jet spray powerful, intermittent pouring, it can stimulate the body's acupuncture points each.

Gentle formula: meat and water drops like water mixing chamber formed by mixing water and air, this water is particularly suitable shampoo. Single injection for the water flow out from the outlet pipe of the same, but yet soft water concentrate, can serve to strengthen the body immunity.

Turbo: water is a concentrated jet of water, so that the skin micro hemp slightly itchy feeling, well stimulation, a clear mind.

Strong beam type: water out strong collision between the water produced by fog effect, can increase the bathing fun.

Waterway to distinguish from the shower

Shower mounting height can be divided into two types of showers: concealed shower, wall outlet center Buried distance should be 2.1 meters to the ground, and the ground from the shower switching center preferably 1.1 m; surface mounted lifter showers, shower out of the water as generally defined, preferably a distance of 2 meters.

From the height of the shower identify

Common shower, its water holes are usually concealed in the inside, and has a model on the market, by contrast, designers boldly bare, exposed water hole, feels the hard texture of rubber. According to reports, on the one hand this design is for easier cleaning, hand, cloth scrub Jieke; on the other hand, the water hole highlights from home, shower water will be more natural. In addition, some self-cleaning shower function, water,cleaning needles will automatically clean the outlet of the precipitate, but the price is more expensive than the average rainfall on.

From the self-cleaning shower to identify

Shower head directly affect the texture of the water, and shower accessories will affect the use of comfort. Some brands of pipes and lift rod extremely flexible hose steel wire bending resistance of the material, the connection is also provided with anti-twist wrapped around the ball bearing, even if you danced in the shower, the water will not"fight"; lifter with on Turn the controller to move vertically or horizontally to acquire it.

From water-saving shower head to identify

Shower water-saving features is the key consideration when purchasing a rain. Some showers using steel ball valve body,and with hot water regulator controller, you can adjust the hot water in flow into the mixing tank, so that water can flow quickly and accurately. This type of design is more reasonable than the average rainfall shower 50% water.