Home Improvement How to choose a good shower heads

Home Improvement How to choose a good shower heads


As a shower supplies - showers, if not selected, resulting in no water spray nozzle, part ejection clogging and leaking pipes, etc. situation, so we are very trouble. Then choose a comfortable and safe shower head for home life is necessary.

1.      see the water way

In fact, for showers, the water directly affects the feeling of bathing. For the previous general formula, strong beam type, the market launch of the five-phase massage shower heads more popular, it can adjust the powerful style, soft style, moderate, hybrid variety of force models, and water You can massage, fine, rotation, etc. spray, let the body relax.

2.      see the self-cleaning effect

For the previous shower heads, water holes are mostly hidden inside, and now most of the water hole shower heads exposed on he outside, for water quality characteristics in the north, the water hole rubber texture easier to clean, it is not easy to raw scale, usually in the bath when cleaning is more convenient, hands, scrub cloth can be, in addition,water hole highlights from home, shower water will be more natural.

3.      Look jet effect

From outward appearances, shower heads seemingly similar shape, must see its jet effect the selection, good shower heads to ensure every small injection hole injection balanced agreement in the different pressure to ensure the shower dripping effect, the selection can test the water to see water jet is uniform.

4.      See water-saving features

When consumers buy shower heads, water problems naturally they mentioned. Shower heads use of the ball valve body,together with the regulation of hot water controller, you can adjust the hot water inflow into the mixing tank, so that the water flows out quickly and accurately, use of new technologies, not only water, it does not affect the bath comfort, under normal circumstances, well-designed shower heads for a water-saving shower heads than the average of 50%.

Spool affect shower heads use of feeling sand life, good shower heads, smooth and without friction. In  the selection of hands-twist switch, feel comfortable, smooth it to ensure product when used to maintain smooth and reliable performance.

Surface coating affect the appearance and life

Shower heads plating good or bad, in addition to affecting the quality and service life, but also affect the usual clean up, chrome-plated shower heads are generally good coating can be maintained at 150C° temperature 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkles, no crack flaking; 24 hours acetic acid salt spray corrosion detection. In the selection to see its gloss and smoothness, light and smooth coating evenly description shower heads, better quality.

Since spending money, we will enjoy a very comfortable, but not in use, a series of depressing problems. So, when we needed to choose their own products, to get a better experience, you should also take a bit of thought, oh! Like you bought a good camera, memory card and battery is poor, use, We must be very disappointed!