Shower purchase Raiders

Shower purchase Raiders


Compared with shower room shower room, what's the difference? Shower okay? How to buy shower? With these questions, let's take you into the magical world of "shower room"!

Simple shower is just the kind of glass to be broken down into partitions and shower enclosure. Shower subdivided intogeneral overall room and steam room. Usually the whole room is that you can betotally enclosed; steam room name suggests is a whole room with steam pump.Shower Room is suitable for the northern region. Shower a non-steam generating device, a health unit by the sprinklers, shower body shower screen, top, bottom basin or bath composition. The basic structure of the shower enclosure chassis plus. Chassis use of diamond, acrylic, glass and steel. Dimensions sizes. 900 ×900mm, 1000 × 1000mm more suitable for home use. Fence frame mostly aluminumtexture, the outer spray, stainless steel does not rot. PS plastic platemounted on the fence, FRP board or a mat glass and chrome door handles, out ofconvenience. Luxury shower room with a computer-controlled, surfing, backmassage, steam, waterfall faucet, bath mirror, etc., as well as lighting, musicand other functions, expensive.

Shower room for the elderly and familieswith children. It is also a multi-cylinder, laundry, water containers, etc.,but when cleaning to bend over. Low basin simple, inexpensive. Chassis texture diamond as the most secure. 

Buy Raiders 

Shower due affordable, easy to install andfunctional usher in a lot of consumers, but the complex functions let consumerschoose is difficult to grasp. Experts believe that some multifunction showerconcept of speculation is inevitable phenomenon, purchase should be noted,first, terms of style. There are many models shower room, there are verticalangular shaped shower room and a bath screen, bath tub on the screen. At thetime of purchase must be based on their family size room space to choose thesize shower. The second is to look at the material.

Shower room price and function proportional,some features are unnecessary. Covered domestic shower spray and bottom spray,and increased the automatic cleaning function. The three parts of the system bythe sauna, shower systems, therapeutic massage system. Sauna, steam system is mainly disseminated through separate steam shower room at the bottom of the hole, and the drug can be placed in the care kit medicinal baths, to achieve the purpose of health care. Massage therapy system is mainly throughacupuncture massage shower wall hole water, the water pressure on the humanbody massage. Usually single shower room has 12 holes about massage, couplesmassage is able to reach 16 holes. These are the most basic function of ashower room. The main function of a conventional shower room electronic exhaust,manual acupuncture massage bath, rain showers, answer the phone, oxygen,sterilization, foot massage. The multi-function computer shower room in addition to the above features, you can also listen to the radio at the same time in the sauna or enjoy the CD, and not only can answer the call, you can call out. 

Cheap moved back home as just 3000 yuanwill be able to a back massage with acupuncture, reflexology surf, luxuryshower steam function, it inevitably raises suspicions. It is understood thatnot all of the shower room Additional features can truly achieve the desiredeffect. For example, some shower steam function can only be achieved through an electric wire, without the ceramic part to insulation, safety and durability are not guaranteed; and because steam function design differences, some shower steam heating only, etc. 7-8 minutes, while others will have to wait half an hour before use. Again, the difference shower accessories shower room to make some acupuncture massage spray failed to reach the acupuncture effect. 

Buy shower with steam function should be concerned about the steam engine and the computer control panel. The core of the steam function is to steam, if the steam engine does not pass, will not take long have bad. Computer control panel is the core part of the shower room.Because the shower room all the function keys are on the computer board, the computer board problem once the whole shower room would not be enabled, so be sure to ask when you purchase the steam engine and the computer board warranty period.