How to install a bathtub

How to install a bathtub

One: Testing the water is leaking 

Placed well before the first water bath accessories, do 24 hours off the water, to see whether there is leaking bathtub, paying particular attention to the overflow. 24 hours closed water difficult to do, in the bathroom outside, pour two buckets of water, try to water well in the bathtub, so the operation is more convenient. 

To the actual installation time, directly to the bath carried into the bathroom, on the launching of the location, due to change the location of the water leaving the mixing water faucet is the width of the tub just right, if the size and mixing with water bath is not just, it is necessary Note bath center should be facing the troubled waters of the central point, or after the placement of the future will be difficult to see mixed faucet. 

Carried into the bathroom after a bath,start the placement of the water fittings, the bathtub filled with water, turnoff the water, check for leaks when the water swept over a weir, a bathtubinside of the water flow from the overflow to go, this time, I lying on theground, he reached into the bottom of a bathtub, to touch the back of theoverflow to see if there is water leak from here. After the overflow of the test is passed, the next checking water closed, I choose to stand method to observe the water tightness, the beginning of time there is no problem, after about 10 minutes later, in the quiet intervals bathroom had a few seconds gurgle of bubbling water at the sound of the water is not installed closed,leakage, decided to release the water to be reinstalled. 

This time, found the problem, the water gurgle original pieces blister copper to take next, there is a certain part of trachoma, we were tossing several times, he missed. There is little lucky,bathtub outset carried into the bathroom, turn on the water experiment fear of costs of water, is a tank full of water, under pressure, trachoma is pressed bigger, so will leak, if only in small amounts water, would not achieve so much pressure, this time it will not leak. If you are skilled hydraulic maybe likeme very impatient test, the problem may not be discovered at the time. On the other hand also from the side that this is indeed the quality of delivery of hardware in general, buy hardware or buy good.

It should be noted that: the width of the center bathtub faucet whether the center point. This is beginning to change thewater in time and finding good, it is to choose the width of the tub 700? 750?800? Change the water once the troubled waters to determine a good size, it ispossible to buy by the tub, or after mixing water away from the wall and thenchange the size is very difficult.



II: leveling bathtub

Keep the bathtub drain at the other end ofthe note slightly higher than the end of the drain so poor sewage future. Thisis due to the circumstances. We observed the bottom of the tub would have beento stay out of the drainage slope of a level four sides of the bathtub afterleveling put a water test, if as expected, the water rapidly drain. Bath visually maintain the appearance level, without affecting the drainage effect 

Three: filling with sand

Cast iron bathtub although strong, but its thermal conductivity is very fast, you should use the sand, spread fast in the bottom of the tub, smashing real. Bricklayer also recommended available foam,foam is better to consider sand has fluidity, it is suitable to fill all the gaps. Sand filling process, how can not leak into the sand under the water is a problem to be solved. 

After the end of all the work placement test once again turn on the water (this step is mainly behind the move to ensure that no such that water leaking bathtub), determine the correct, just wait a bricklayer to build skirt.

Four: stay manhole

Left in the drain hole at the height 300 mm width 400 mm, according to the size of the interception of a port, according to the size of the interception did waterproofing, wood preservative treatment(thickness 40 mm), calculated on the plate according to the number and arrangement of the brick building with 903 The brick veneer glue on the board. Protruding bricks cast edge sealant, set in the box 

This is in order to facilitate future maintenance bathtub drainage system. When the puzzle tub skirt, for aesthetic reasons, all reserved for the height of 600, to give mosaics and other materials, a bathtub and a lower skirt use the same brick wall, so to do it,under the wall, floor tiles, bath skirt all a color of a material, it is beautiful. 

Five: tiling 

Bath skirt tiles is not required Fleece, QiHao red brick table, wipe the surface layer of cement mortar, and then wait two days to come back tiling, tiling a lot of trouble, because the ground left a slope, and Bath It is flat, so each must be a large brick polished into different sizes, not a lot of grinding, easy to wear and more, to repeatedly grind. To lower the upper brick stuffed with rounded edges bathtub, so that it will not form a positive angle. 

When installing the matter shall be noted: 

(1) a slight gap between the bathtub and the wall, did not want to fill the gap along the wall brick, brick plane catchy about 2 cm below the bathtub, so the final tiling.

(2) the bathroom tiles to paving in the bathtub after installation. Wall to do after the installation of a bathtub when installed to knock down the brim of the following, namely gouges, facilitate the bathtub embedded into catchy, and finally trimmed to prevent the use of the bath, missing water leakage.

(3) extending into the ground after a bath drain outlet to drainage test, should not waste water leakage detection.

(4) In order to stabilize and prolong the life of the bath tub, recommended local bath in contact with the skirt Taiwan and walls marked with glass, plastic, can effectively maintain, dry bottom of the bathtub, and prolong life.