Shower How to buy

Shower How to buy

1, ordinary shower room is the chassis plus the fence, luxury shower room and computer temperature control, a sauna,massage and other functions. Specific  choiceof which, according to the owner's main preferences. The more features the moreexpensive price, generally the old saying, features and more is not necessarilybetter. 

2, shower chassis style main square,circular, fan-shaped and diamond-shaped chassis, the more irregular shape, the higher the cost of abrasive, shower will follow the higher price, so a square chassis shower room is the most inexpensive, and personally think that the most practical. 

3, shower room with glass ordinary glass,tempered glass and water ripples wove tempered glass three kinds, glass thickness 6 cm and 9 cm in two, the thicker the glass,the higher the price.Special colors of glass in the production process requirements, the price is relatively expensive. 

4, shower room door has an arc door, corner doors, folding doors, sliding doors, door, etc., which are much cheaper sliding door shower room than on the door style shower room.

5, the top of the fence and some shower room plus a similar texture and frame beams, the main function is to increase the stability of the shower room, of course, the price should be higher.


6.the selection depends on the following four aspects shower

(1) whether the door open and close freely

(2) shower heads in slots are convenient secure 

(3) to drain the water is smooth, easy to clean

(4) sealed shower room depends on whetherthere are ventilation facilities. The elderly and families with children with particular attention. 

Product style Judgment and Choice 

Shower room is generally symmetrical shapearc sector, as well as square, diamond-shaped and so on; there are slidingdoors, folding doors, shaft doors; points to enter the way to enter or singlehorned into the formula. Angle to enter Formula biggest feature is the expanded usage, better use of limited bathroom area, is the application of more style,to buy shower shape to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom. 

Now the smallest shower room (1 meter by 1 meter) can be purchased on the market only bathroom with 4-5 m 2. The installation of a double shower room (1.5 meters by 1.5 meters) you need the bathroom around 10 square meters. Room height of not less than 2.2 meters. Consumers not only pay attention to the area and height of the room at the time of purchase,but also pay attention to the basis of the decoration before the first measurement and planning.