Bathroom faucet maintenance tips

Bathroom faucet maintenance tips


In the bathroom, the faucet is also very important, so we can not ignore the faucet maintenance work.

1. Every month or so, with the wax clean tap hole plating layer on the surface can be sealed to prevent moisture or corrosive gas to run into.

2. You can use soft cloth coated with a little toothpaste to clean the surface of the faucet, and then rinse with water. But avoid using alkaline cleaning agents or steel ball to wipe, to avoid damage to the plating surface.

3. Use a single-handle faucet in the process of opening and closing movements are not too fast; In addition,double-handle faucet instead of closing die too, otherwise it would stop cock off, resulting in the water forever, and can not turn off the switch.

The foaming apparatus outlet located faucet out, often because of water quality problems, the occurrence of a small amount of water or unstable circumstances, this may be because the foam is being blocked by debris, can be screwed Used foaming water or a needle to remove miscellaneous thereof.

5. Regularly check the upper and lowerwater hose, if it is found to be replaced immediately cracking phenomenon, soas to ensure no impact on the life of a leader.

In fact, after used for some time, we should be inspected and cleaned on tap, so as not to damage the inconvenience.