Bath different materials maintenance tips

Bath different materials maintenance tips


Selection of quality bath is extremely important, but daily use is also essential maintenance bathtub, even more important. However, many people tend to overlook this most critical point,resulting in a bathtub using relatively short period, so we should continue to maintain in our daily lives tub and let it live longer. But not care how each bath are the same, different materials have different maintenance bathtub way,if maintained properly, even have the opposite effect.

Acrylic plastic tub

Acrylic plastic tub lightweight, does not rust, will not be eroded, feel warm, the water temperature can be maintained for a long time, and easy to clean, wipe test, the bathtub is currently the mainstream products on the market.

When the bath maintenance, choose the appropriate polishing machine, 1900 rpm or so models wool polishing, polishing wax coated on the disc, and then grinding to polishing the site. Before sanding the surface is sand paper first fix (No. 1000 or No. 1500), repeated many times, and finally to bright surfaces.

Use high-quality products polishing wax,car polishing wax can be used, for a small area of ​​fine scratching or change the old, manual polishing are available: waterproof paper with the 1500 hit polished, the abrasive surface repeatedly with a car circling movements to surface brightness, even use toothpaste instead of abrasive, but the grinding time is relatively much longer. Brand acrylic bathtub surface by the specialtreatment, acrylic bathtub stronger than normal wear. Such as surface scratches accident occurs, if mild scratches, brush lightly with toothpaste and toothbrush can; if deep scratches, it is recommended to seek professional advice, please professional maintenance staff.

Available turpentine to clean the paint stick in the bath gelatin, many chemicals can cause loss of glossy acrylic,such as days that water. Simply usual No. 1 detergent can be, do not use corrosive cleaning agents.

Cast iron bathtub 

Cast iron bathtub is a very heavy and durable material, which generally thinner than the enamel surface on the steel bath, cleaning not use cleaners containing abrasive ingredients when such a bath tub disadvantage of this is that the water will quickly cools cast iron bathtub shape usually bulky (except of thousands of high-grade goods),expensive insulation is not very good. But its advantage is a long service life.

Available acid-free detergent bath, use a soft sponge no abrasive pad, clean bathtub non-slip surface is difficult to remove the dirt.

Cast iron bathtub most prone to scratches.If rusty scratches appear, first with the cleanser to remove the rust, then adry cloth, and finally coated with a special adhesive patch tub, scratches willnot be expanded. Cleaning must use a sponge bath and washing powder, not stiff brush with a brush. 

Barrel Bath 

When the barrel factory, will coat tungoil, and therefore the purchase of the first few days be sure to keep thebathroom air circulation and ventilation time window, so as to prevent the homefilled with the pungent smell. Most will be the first test the water seepage,which is a normal phenomenon, after the water filled to soak for 12 hours to fully infiltrate barrels, casks of water leakage will stop, if there are problems, they should contact the manufacturer.

Due to thermal expansion and contraction ofthe wood itself, not directly in the sun or in the cold wind, if not a longtime for two months or more, can get wet after the barrel with a large plasticbag sealed to avoid air away moisture. Usually not the best time to put alittle water, absorbs moisture, keeping the wood saturated with moisture, butthe water is not too much, because the bathroom itself has a certain humidity.Pay attention not to retain dirty water after bathing, so as not to absorb water and accelerated aging of wood or produce mildew. 

After a period of use casks, drums outside the wire will be fixed some loose, then you can simply barrel upside down, and then tighten the wire, inserted in hot water can continue to use. Cask wall wood Bohou will vary, generally choose bucket wall thickness between 2-3 cm barrels, insulation effect is the best. 

Bath & maintenance tips:

1 per week cleaning bathtubs, bathtub to ensure that every stay dry after use. 

2, washing tub can use neutral liquid detergent and use a flexible cloth or sponge well. 

3, avoid the use of wear and high-alkaline cleaning supplies. 

4. Avoid using dark cleaners, because pigments penetrate easily lead cylinder surface. 

5, the use of hoses, do not forget to turnoff the water system, so as not to cause regular dripping bath water.

6, Bath any damage, should notify the company for repair immediately, in order to avoid the problem continues to worsen.

7. Do not leave metal objects in thebathtub, they will make the tub rusted and dirty surfaces.