Bathroom accessories selected four law

Bathroom accessories selected four law


If you like metal texture, bright, sophisticated hardware accessories of choice; if you like a glass of crystal clear, why not choose a set of crystal glass or simulated resin and glass bathroom accessories to match; if you are in hot pursuit of popular fashion, rich and varied colors of plastic products will catch your eye...

Of course, the most traditional and most modern or ceramic products, in the material they are more likely to be coordinated with other items in the bathroom, as one designer put it ...... : "money in some of the details of the place, to better reflect the taste of home decoration."

Most bathroom accessories as QiJiantao,that mirror, toothbrush cup, soap sets, towel bar, towel rack, roll holder,coat hook and so on. Purchase should master the four elements. 

To see matching with their configured three-piece bathroom (bath, toilet, basin) supporting three-dimensional style,but also the shape and surface coating process faucet match. 

Second, look at the material. Bathroom accessories supplies both the copper plating of plastic products, and more chrome products, of which the most high-grade titanium alloy products, then turn copper chromium products, stainless steel and chrome products, chrome aluminum products, iron chrome products. 

Third, look plating. In chrome products,general product coating is 20 microns thick, long time, inside the material susceptible to air oxidation, and work stress of copper chrome plating is 28 microns thick, its compact structure, good coating uniformity results. 

Four to see practical. Imported products are mostly titanium or copper chrome "color face" stiff, engaging and sophisticated, but more expensive. 

Today, some of the joint venture brands or domestic brands of copper chrome relatively affordable price.