Elaborate on the different types of faucet installation methods are different

Elaborate on the different types of faucet installation methods are different


Throughout the home decoration, it will be used only kitchen faucets and bathroom, but although only these two places will be used, but the kind of the faucet is varied. Different faucet installation will vary, today'll tell you about a variety of faucet installation method.

Before installing the first to be ready to install the tool, install spare parts before the examination is complete, common faucet parts are: hoses, pad ring, shower, to the water, kidnapper, decorative caps. Then tell us about all kinds of faucet installation method.

1.Single-hole kitchen faucet installation

It requires stable, because the kitchen faucet higher frequency of use, coupled with being moved around, easy to loose,so be sure to tighten the lock nut. Currently, the market there are some leading to increased solenoid nut, the firm works well, if we can solve the problem to the water dip, the future will be a trend.

2.Mounting hole basin mixer 

The purchase of single-lever basin mixer should be noted that the diameter of the outlet, and now most of the market belongs to the hard pipe water, so you should pay attention to reserve the nozzle height from the basin down to 35 credits at the most appropriate. When installing, be sure to matching dedicated Angle, but Angle and walls must be water hot and cold water pipes fixed. When you find the distance between the angle valve and faucet water, go buy a dedicated extension tube to connect.Remember, it must not be connected with other pipes, because if the water pressure great, very easy to fall off, leaking, causing you damage. If the inlet than the outlet pipe is too long, you can chop off according to your needs, if modest improper angle bend as needed to position you want.

Remember: Do not hard bend to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees. When installing the basin to the water, do not forget to buy the leading small interface (tap shorted). Before you install, please do not forget to rinse advance buried in the wall of water pipes. 

3.Shower,bathtub faucet (wall) installation 

When you buy a shower, bath, wall-mountedfaucet, you can select the appropriate height buried outlet pipe. Hot and coldwater must be spaced 15 cm. Before installation You must not forget to flush the water in order to avoid water mark, the leading cause of damage.

Installation of the shower, tub faucet:faucet concealed after the purchase, the general should tap spool embedded in the wall. Be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the former embedded bathroom wall. The wall is too thin, the valve will not be embedded. When embedded spool plastic protective cover not easily removed, so when embedded in cement and other chores damage the valve. Also in the embedded spool consideration should pay attention to spool up and down, left and right direction, so as not to bury the wrong spool. Wall mounted faucet embedded inlet pipe sizes when deviations can be calibrated position Adjusts the kidnapper. 

4.Thermostat installation

Before installing the thermostat, please first check the hot water is not left and right cold, remember not to take the wrong hot and cold water, so as not to tap not working properly. Gas, solarwater heater can not use thermostatic faucets, because the water pressure istoo low. Installation of thermostatic faucet hot and cold water, do not forgetto install the filter.