shower accessories Installation

shower accessories Installation


Shower room is a large bathroom space, bathroom space can be wet and dry seasons is largely decided in the shower room of installation techniques, the following I will introduce you to some of the shower installation considerations, by the way inventory of what shower accessories are.

Shower installation work must first prepare, prepare the necessary tools ready after installation sequence is followed by the installation bottom tray, install aluminum, fixed glass roof pipe installation, install shelving, doors and installation activities ending jobs. Wherein after installing the bottom basin to test the water test, to ensure the long head unimpeded into the water; after installing movable door to install suction strip or retaining strips, good waterproofing, then also check the utility of each part is comfortable and smooth, after adjusting the screw tightened accordingly. 

Throughout shower room installed there the following points should be noted: 

1. embedded pore size should be designed bathroom renovation before;

2. leakage protection and other wiring switching devices should be considered before installing the shower room is good, in order to avoid rework;

3. shower room styles to be based on the layout of the bathroom;

4. shower rooms must be firmly connected to the building structure;

5. have been installed before you installthe shower room well if the water supply system and tile, best custom shower.