Bathtub scratch how to do Points bathtub Materials Handling

Bathtub scratch how to do Points bathtub Materials Handling


Currently available in acrylic bathtub, steel and cast iron main.

Cast iron bathtub durable, high gloss, good acid and alkali resistance, but because of restrictions on materials and processes, less style, bulky and difficult to transport, installation; wear-resistant steel tub, smooth surface, easy to clean, but the impatience of the impact generally not very good insulation; acrylic bathtub can have a lot of style, good insulation effect, easy to clean, affordable, but lower than the surface hardness of cast iron and steel cylinder, the surface prone to scratches. But imports of high brightness, high strength special sanitary acrylic sheet, to some extent overcome some of the disadvantages of acrylic.

Acrylic bathtub surface big brand special treatment, acrylic bathtub stronger than normal wear. Such as surface scratches accident occurs, if mild scratches, brush lightly with toothpaste and toothbrush can; if deep scratches, it is recommended to seek professional advice, please professional maintenance staff.

Use tub pay attention to maintenance, which can extend the life of a bathtub, but also to maintain the appearance of light: every week to clean bathtubs, bathtub to ensure that every stay dry after use; use a neutral liquid detergent and cleaning of flexible cloth or sponge bath good, avoid use those containing abrasive, acidic or highly alkaline cleaning supplies; Do not leave metal objects in the bath tub, they will make the tub rusted and dirty surfaces. In addition, the use of baking soda to eliminate dirt with good results.

If the surface of the bath there is a more serious scratches, we can advise clients in the following ways Renovation: polishing bath is a very professional thing, if the surface is too spent bathtub badly, it is recommended to seek professional advice, or ask a professional maintenance staff maintenance. 

Bathtub polishing process: 

Selection based on the degree of scraping different numbers of sandpaper (such as 800 #, 1000 #, 1500 #, etc.), if you need to use a blade deep scratches after treatment with sandpaper. Number of sandpaper number last used is generally # 1500 or # 2000. All sands processes require water, that mill. And the direction of the grinding process also have requirements. Final polishing using special wool polishing wheel plus special polishing agent.