What is suction?

publisher: Alice
Time: 2016-08-17

Bathtub Suction is bathtub part that suck out water to pump. There are two types. One is with high cover, the other is with flat cover. The flat cover is by far the most popular in Europe. Because it exist vacuum pressure when our body or hair plug the surface cover. It's very dangerous. In order to meet the security requirements, there are two ways to solve the situation. Firstly, using two flat cover in bathtub, the probability that blocked all at once is small. Secondly, adopting secure suction, namely, install with safety protection. Its back body has air intake pinhole, we can use flexible hose place it on the top of bathtub. When our body is absorbed, the pressure intake air to Suction and release the pressure of pump. Then remove the potential threat. 

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