Materials and process needed to make Spa Cover

Materials and process needed to make Spa Cover


Hangzhou Proway is a company specializing in whirlpool components for SPA、Bathtub and Showerroom since 2000. The main customers are mostly factories or spare parts wholesalers in the water massage or hydromassage wellness equipments.

Materials and process needed to make Spa Cover
    1. The Components of The Spa Cover

· High Strength Tapered Foam-For Insulation Core

· Aluminum Foil+Fiber-Acts on The Water Resistance and Sealing of The Foam

· Galvanized Steel C-channel-Adds Strength To The Spa Cover

· High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl-UV protection and corrosion protection

· Reinforced Double Stitched Skirt

· Heavy Duty Handles-Easily portable

· Made in China since 1999

2. The Size, Shape And Color Of The Spa Cover Can Be Customized

The conventional thickness of Spa Cover

100*60MM, 120*80MM, 150*100MM, Spa Cover is high in the middle and low on both sides to form a sloping surface that can effectively prevent water accumulation on the product surface.

Flexible and versatile production modeling: according to the customer to customize the shape of the map to sample.

Color selection

More than 10 kinds of colors are always available on the outer surface of the product: specific reference to the color sample in kind, but also according to the customer's incoming material to sample custom-made.

3. Material of Spa Cover

Professional customized high-grade artificial leather
The surface layer of the Spa cover is made of special customized high grade PVC artificial leather with waterproof performance.
High-density foam filling

25KG/CBM and 30KG/CBM are always available; at the same time, the foam adopts PVC film as the outer wrapping of hot-pressure sealing shrinkage treatment, the surface is smooth and smooth, and can effectively control the water vapor intrusion into the foam so that the product can keep lasting and light without deformation.

Profile reinforcement

Lightweight, high-strength profile support reinforcement, effectively ensuring the compressive strength of the product in the process of use.

4. Details of The Spa Cover

Moisture-proof nylon zipper

Super conventional zipper is durable and moisture-proof and eliminates the worry of bursting.

Extra-long protective skirt

Extra-long skirt and high-quality production, to ensure that the product and the Spa can be closely combined, effectively preventing dirt, dust, wind, and other environmental pollutants into the Spa.

Spa cover carrying handle

The carrying handle is firm. According to the customer's use habits can be made 2 or 4 handles.

Preventing safety child lock

The corner of the product is equipped with 4 or 8 latches to prevent the safety performance of children, the latches are always available in 1 inch key latches and 1.5 inch code latches to make users safer and more secure.