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Happy Hollwen

Happy Halloween!

Grab your wand and help fend off a ghostly catastrophe. Press play to swipe spells, save your friends, and help restore the peace at the Magic Cat Academy.

Oct 31,2016

Happy Hollwen

Hangzhou summit charts course for better G20 and world

Chinese President Xi Jinping presides over the opening ceremony of the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, Sept. 4, 2016. [Li Xueren / Xinhua]

Sep 10,2016

Hangzhou summit charts course for better G20 and world

China's dominance over the sport is something that should be blamed for.

Aug 17,2016

G20 Summit In Hangzhou, May Delay Your Delivery Time

Aug 12,2016

G20 in Hangzhou, PROWAY in Hangzhou

The G20 and 21st-Century Communication

Tristen Naylor, G7 and G20 Research Groups

Aug 5,2016

G20 in Hangzhou, PROWAY in Hangzhou

what should you do with old bathtub

Question:After six years of rough use by tenants, the bottom of our bathtub is peeling and flaking. We can either refinish or replace the tub. Which is the greener option? Refinishing means loads of creepy chemicals while replacing the tub means more waste in a landfill.

Oct 12,2015

Bathroom accessories selected four law

If you like metal texture, bright, sophisticated hardware accessories of choice; if you like a glass of crystal clear, why not choose a set of crystal glass or simulated resin and glass bathroom accessories to match; if you are in hot pursuit of popular fashion, rich and varied colors of plastic products will catch your eye...

Aug 17,2015

Bathroom accessories future market prospects

Bathroom accessories are also so-called sanitary hardware accessories, these accessories if divided into many varieties broad sense, for example, hung on the wall between the bathroom will be able to mirror, brush and porcelain child, soap sets, towels rack use, and even hang hook and toilet box, and so are its components, and then these parts in the future market situation in the end how it?

Aug 17,2015

International sanitary bathroom market fluctuations China still favorable position

In recent years, China's position in the international market and improve sanitary ware, bathroom products has gradually become the world's production and consumption country, has gradually highlights the international competitiveness of Chinese bathroom, at the same time, increase the amount of China's foreign trade also contributed to its emerging bathroom hardware market to occupy a favorable position.

Jul 28,2015