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Hydrorelax Team's Year Tour in Vietnam

Jan 14,2019

Hydrorelax Team's Year Tour in Vietnam

Back From Canton Fair

Oct 21,2016

Questions of Shower Room Rollers

When you order shower roller,you need to confirm some informations

Oct 9,2016

Questions of  Shower Room Rollers

Customer Visit

China's dominance over the sport is something that should be blamed for

Aug 17,2016

PS board released

We are in the markets of PS board now.

Nov 4,2015

Select versatile water-saving faucet is more in line with modern standards of living

Taps the road of development and professional

Sep 15,2015

Packaging Show

Sep 7,2015

Bathroom accessories will make many choices intentions to use more convenient

Aug 31,2015

Classification Jacuzzi

According to the nozzle configuration, generally divided into: two kinds of hybrid systems with a single system.

Aug 31,2015

Cleaning and maintenance Jacuzzi

Clean Jacuzzi

Aug 31,2015

Bathtub Installation

Aug 28,2015

What are the advantages led lights

In our daily lives, led lights is that people use the most widely used types of lamps, most people know led lights energy saving feature is that in addition to this feature, it is also what features it, we'll go Look.

Aug 28,2015

Ozone generators and multifunction bathtub sanitary industry standards promulgated norms

Now the building materials industry introduced a number of national standard, the reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of home appliances, "Household and similar multi functional bath", "Household and similar ozone generator" industry standard drafting working group has been established, indicating that China will multi-function bath and ozone growing development of industry standards.

Aug 28,2015

Pay attention to the water bath installation is critical rationality

The new bathtub not all need to be fixed, but in a bathtub on the professional installation, not only has a strong practical standard, but also must be reasonably good water and drainage design, so as to in actual use, more convenient safety, an important part of quality of life, ease of use and practical features bathtub is also very important aspect.

Aug 28,2015