Led & Chromatherapy

Led & Chromatherapy


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The customers can match the light quantity arbitrarily according to his requirement.

1.Master Light(Built-in synchronous controller).

2.Extended line.

3.Small Light. It can achieve one joint one light, one joint two lights, one joint three lights, one joint four lights.

Master Light

1.One master has 7 Leds, 6w, RGB color.

2.The cover diameter of master light is 5 inch, stainless

steel cover or plastic cover for your choice.

3.Installation way: Spa cylinder openings installtion.

4.Built-in synchronous controller.

5.Both input and output are four-core wire.

6.Volitage: shift AC12Vto 5V.

7.The input terminal of the power: Balboa two cores

connector, crystal cable five cores connector, teh

terminal by customer request.

Extended Line

1.It is used for connection and shunting among the lights.

2. Standrad length is 1.5m, the actual length can be

customized by customer request.

3. The upper limit ( one input terminal, three output port )

for one extending line is to connect three lighting sets.

As usual, connect two effective lighting sets when use it.

Small Light

1.The collocation mode can divide into one one joint one

light (0.2w), one joint two lights ( 0.4w), one joint three

lights (0.6w), one joint four lights(0.8w).

2.Voltage: DC5V, RGB color.

3.Standrad line is 0.75m, the actual length can be

customized by customer request.

4.There are many alternative cover design.

5.Both input and output are four-core wire.


1.Input Voltage: 12V(AC/DC)

2. All lights are controlled by the master light. It can effect color

positioning and color cycling(Note: The customers can als

choose, according to their needs, a separate synchronous

controller to achieve color positioning and color cycling ).

3.The Spa controller can effect the light switch and the colors

change, and at each given time, the color is change once.

4.The line to line connection adopts the use of a slot type

waterproof connector.

5.>The two sides of the extension line are connected with the

lights, and the other way is connected with the next set of

extension lines.

6.The master light controls the maximum number of lights

( 1 master light +108 small lights ).